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A very basic guide to underwater photography with your Canon digital camera
One of the better non-alligned informational sites available on Redang Island by Alex and Joyce Kang.
Information about attractions in Sabah, and on the islands of Mabul, Kapalai, Sipadan and Mataking.
Very complete informational site about Tioman Island and its attractions.
Other Features

Tioman and the Wavebreaker

First experience of Tioman Island and its many underwater wonders at the Marine ark Center, and later onboard MV Wavebreaker.

September 2005 | Read More

A Trip to Mataking Island, Borneo

Northeast of the famed Sipadan Island , off the coast of Sabah ’s northern point lies another of nature’s best kept secrets. Until now that is. Mataking Island as explored by Chin Yi.

December 2004 | Read More

New Features

Perhentian 2007 Year End Update

An update on Perhentian Island of the going-ons just before the season closes as a preview to what next season would be like.

September 2007 | Read More

The Return to Pasir Panjang, Redang Island

Been awhile since the last time I have been back to Redang. Here is to going back and checking out if life in the islands change as much as it does in the city.

July 2004 | Read More

Tulamben, Bali 2007

The itch to go diving again started way back in December 2006 and it did not help when Tae Peng from Scuba Doo kept raving about his trips to Tulamben. Hence, we wondered on how good can wreck diving be after all? We were not disappointed to say the least.

February 2007 | Read More

Older Features

Redang End of Season 2006

Celebrating the end of dive season for the East Coast of the Malay Peninsular Islands. With most of the people staying away due to the coming monsoon, fish and other sea life were abound for both I and Veronica.

September 2006 | Read More

For older articles on our dive adventures, you can still get to read them at The Vault.

The Vault | Read More

Many have asked me on what I had used as reference in naming the species of fish seen in many of the photos here. I use the Revised Edition, Reef Fishes of the World by Ewald Lieske and Robert Myers, published by Harper Collins.

It is a very compact book, which makes it easy to lug around on your trips. The book contains a decent number of species illustrations with more than adequate descriptions. However, it is not easy to use illustrations to recognize what you had seen. Photos are much better for this purpose.

Remember to check your dive store's library collection though. They normally have an adequate selection of specie references - Eric

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