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A collection of the site's older articles and photos | Archive
Green World

Uncle Tan Wildlife Adventures 2005 | Album

Mt. Kinabalu Travelogue | Album

Kuala Kubu Baru Adventures | Album

White Water Sungkai | Album

Uncle Tan Trip Photos, Borneo 11 August 2006 | Album

Uncle Tan Camp Photos, Borneo 11 August 2006 | Album

The Photo Album

KKB 24 Oct 2006 | Album

Hope you enjoyed our photo collection. Click on the individual images to get a larger preview. Sorry, they don't get any bigger than that on this site. If you are interested in any of the following pictures to grace your wall or table, please send a request to this e-mail address
The Depths

Sipadan Water Village, 5 February 2005 | Album

New Albums

Malapascua, 1 June 2005 | Album

Corporate Rafting Trip, Gopeng, Oct 2007 | Album
Whitewater Rafting snapshots from Gopeng, Perak.

Tioman and the Wavebreaker, 30 September 2005 | Album

Bunaken, Manado, Indonesia, Oct 2007 | Album

One of the best wall diving in the world. North Sulawesi, Indonesia still has that unchartered charm even up till today.

Perhentian Hiatus! 1 July 2006 | Album

Perhentian 2007 Year End Update, Sept 2007 | Album

Snap shots from a 2007 season end trip to Perhentian, featuring underwater photos from grass beds and sandy bottoms.

Redang End of Season 2006 | Album

Tung Lung Chao, Hong Kong August 2007 | Album

Sipadan Water Village, April 2006 | Album

Photos of the climbing scene in Tung Lung Island, supposedly a 'better place' to climb in Hong Kong.

Older Albums

Mataking Dive, August 2006 | Album

Underwater and resort photographs of the Mataking Reef Resort in which were not featured on this site before.

For older photo albums, you can still get to view them at The Vault.

The Vault | Link

Tulamben, Bali February 2007 | Album

After hearing so much about diving in Tulamben and Seraya, we finally was privileged to experience the beauty of the Balinese oceans and the wonderful sea life who reside there.