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Adventure-X-Change Contributors
May Liu | Story
Also known to many as Lil' May has had many years climbing in Malaysia. But not just a climber, her love for nature has had her dabbling with all things outdoor.
Eric Huang | Story
An average Joe, who tries to go around telling everyone that nature is such a wonderful place to be in.
Veronica Ong | Story
American Sierra Nevada camping buff. Ever on the lookout for the next adventure.
Chin Yi Tan | Story
Ocean explorer with a smile that would melt hearts. Always one of the most pleasant dive companions you will ever get to know.
Sue Pok | Story
Little pocket dynamite on the crags, with a unique art of enriching her trips with a balanced mix of food, music, drink and dance.
Andrew Chan | Images
A fellow mountain biker but no less interested in diving the waters around South East Asia.
Mohd Ariff | Images
Photography enthusiast both above and below the waves. Love being outdoors, but if only he had more time...